Uber Quiet Mode: A feature NEEDED for Riders and Drivers

Its no mystery that I am probably the most PASSIONATE Uberer to ever request a ride on the Uber platform. While my main man Gary Vee has already discussed how Ubers sexiest feature is in not only its swift service and ease-of-Use, but TIME-factor (see his clip here on it).

By saving me TIME, Uber saves me money, lowers my STRESS in meeting logistical deadlines while in commute, and also encourages small business growth (UberEats). But there’s one HUGE problem…


While Uber has its massive amounts of Time-Saving benefits; my main BEEF with UBER is that I can’t just tell a driver I JUST DON’T FEEL LIKE TALKING TODAY.

We all have days like that.

As humans, we sometimes need moments of clarity, silence and inflection. Oftentimes this can be further embraced by a nice, low-stress, QUIET ride on an open road. Unfortunately, some uber drivers just aren’t aware of this until it is too late. Albeit, its unfair to these folks.

Most uber drivers are entrepreneurs and utilize UBER as a vehicle to network with potential customers and clients. Cool, but not when I just came from sweating buckets of water from 3 back-to-back meetings with Stakeholders…

..OR when I am going through a family incident, OR when I just do not desire to engage in philosophies with a complete stranger.

And that PROBLEM leads to…

Path A – Pax receives a LOWER rating because he/she refrained from discussing a hot-button topic important to that driver. Driver then gives a 2-star rating and will not list reason, because lets face it, too many choices leaves us with its own bundle of psycho-paralysis (more on choice-blunder here ).

Business impact of Path A – Driver continues trend with pax who may share this similar trait and the punished pax eventually goes to Lyft. Uber ultimately loses a pax.

Path B – Driver receives a LOWER rating because pax does not fully agree with Drivers outlooks, openness or sensitivity to pax views.

Business Impact of Path B – Pax gives Driver 2 stars as well as formally complains. If those complaints begin to compound with similar drivers, Pax escalates complaints to Ubers Board. Uber loses a PAX and eventually a Driver as he/she ratings will continually plummet if their a chatty-patty (a chatty patty is someone who overshares without warrant, as coined by Mr. Damon Dash).

Suggested Solve: Uber Quiet Mode

Uber Quiet Mode (the WHY of it)

Introducing Uber Quiet mode; a toggle option which would allow a user to request a quieter ride when traveling with Uber.  For this quiet-mode dive, I first decided WHERE in the Uber Pax journey should Uber Business Team, present the option for pax to ride in peace.

-It couldn’t be a Profile setting, as that would encourage less social equity over the lifetime value of a pax. I would like to safely assume that Uber WANTS there to be some type of dialog between driver/pax; in our use-case; a simple “enjoy your ride!” would work WONDERS.

The HOW of Uber Quiet Mode

Now that we’ve gotten to the why of it, lets get to the how of it, and management of this option within the context of a pax journey with uber. As mentioned earlier, this shouldn’t be a profile setting; we aren’t changing a payment method here or changing our display name; we are temporal, we are in the MOOD for a quieter ride.

This in mind, I chose to allow pax to potentially request a QUIET-MODE right when their Uber driver is en route. As a DEV/IT request; would like there to be a LIMIT on how many times a pax can toggle between quiet mode active or inactive states.

#uberquietmode #screenshots Below:

Uber Quiet Mode in Motion

Uber Quiet Mode in action.


quite mode off

quiet mode on

uber quiet mode modal

quiet mode banner

As with all my remixes, they are not there for a nice picture to look at; but aims to fix a real problem that was discovered heuristically.

KEEPING IT REAL MOMENT: Plus I am looking for any and every excuse to do work for UBER. I love their service, just keeping it real folks!

ps: Sure, there are a ton of edge-cases associated with this approach. Lets talk about it!

Keep rocking Uber!


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