Hey Jonathan, heard you may be opening a "UX Studio"?🤳

Yep. For 2018. From Heuristic Analysis for Enterprise Applications to User Experience Design and Usability Research. BTW Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Cool story. In meantime, how do we know you are actually good? Where are your case studies, and not just DRIBBBLE shots, actual WORK?


No worries. Projects Below. BTW this is bad UX, who is actually going to wait for the Chat Bubbles?? This is why things need to be UX'ed. No more chat bubble sites (outside of custoemr help stuff)

Just Sent

Typing ...

Making Lives Easier.

An in-depth walkthrough on working with the Internet Retailer of the Year: HomeDepot.


Bank on Happiness.

Truly a rewarding experience. View an interactive case study as I collaborate with the BRILLIANT award winning agency: Bandujo, and one of the largest banks in the world, Chase.


Weather Gets Social.

An in-development concept for a tablet and mobile app that I imagined which mixes "social" with "native advertising" and local events. I loved designing this Interface.


The Globes.

A conceptual app for the golden globes. Also, within the app, is a possible strategy of native advertising for mobile. (Hint: it is BELOW the fold on a push-menu).


Asia's Largest Bank.

Collabortative wireframe designed for The Bank of Tokyo.
Again, was given a GOLDEN CHANCE to work alongside
Bandujo on this awesome campaign.


PLAY Ball.

An interactive walk-through on designing a banner for the New York Knickerbockers. Yes, I said the entire word. I'm from New York and its always been a dream of mine to do work for my hometeam. Kudos to the agency again for this opportunity! Was fun and highly educational on brand cohesion.